Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1st Post and It's About A Bird...

Hola everyone...or anyone for that matter. This blog is the start of an experiment for the last year in my 20s and it all starts with a loud squawking bird.

I've lived in the same apartment complex for the last five years and have really loved living here on my own.  However, within the past 6 months things have started to go a little crazy. My new downstairs neighbors moved in and we seem to have a difference of opinion of what acceptable co-living behavior is, like playing 90s R&B as loud as possible at 3am (I love the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack too but come on?!), having loud parties where people hang out outside and leave their headlights shining into your bedroom window all night but mostly the worst offense to me is the owning of a very large bird that its soul purpose in life seems to be squawking extremely loud at all hours of the night and waking me from a dead sleep.

Then a few things happened at once - I spoke with my apartment manager and realized she isn't really going to do anything about it and found out they are increasing my rent this year so I choose to see this as a push for something new.  I decided it's time to move but up until then I had never thought of living anywhere else.  


  1. Isn't is amazing, when you share your story to the blog and when suddenly a random guy like me, could relate and just feel your thoughts... :)